You Are Not Sure if You Need a Whole Roof Replacement or Just a Repair Job?

Things to Ask a Roofing Contractor before Making an Appointment

While many contractors are professionals, most people have heard the horror stories of disappearing workers, increased costs, and missed deadlines. To ensure you choose the right roofing contractor to fix your roof, ask the following questions before signing any contract.

A reliable roofing service provider will produce their license number and insurance to any potential client that asks. Some trustworthy local companies are also registered at the Board of Roofing Contractors.
Make sure that the contractor you intend to hire has liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. It is wise to mention you will call to check on their insurance; most contractors see it as a sign of professionalism.
Be sure to talk about the exact terms of your agreement before any work begins. Ask the roofing contractor if he will provide a written warranty for the work he does. If he is giving a warranty, check to see if he will honor the manufacturers warranty as well.
A trustworthy roofer should always give a written contract. Do not settle by taking a verbal statement under any circumstances.
Some contractors may request a deposit. Actually this is quite common and should not scare you away. The amount of deposit required normally does not exceed 20%. After all, your roofer also needs a guarantee that you are a reliable customer.
Make sure your roofing team will not remove more of the roof than can be replaced in a day. This is a necessary precaution in case there are possibilities of sudden rainfalls or the wind is too strong.
Check to see if the contractor you intend to book is willing to replace the vent flanges and flashing, not reuse the old ones. Most of the time, these have to be replaced, even if you think they are sound.
A reliable roofing contractor should also include the cost for removing all the debris, such as scraps and old roofing materials, once they are done. Most rent trucks or dumpster for the debris. Make sure your quote covers this.

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