Have You Noticed Your Roof Has a Serious Dip in the Centre?

How to Perform Sagging Roof Repair Yourself

The first thing to fixing a sagging roof is to find what is causing it to sag. In most cases, it is caused by a damaged rafter or roof decking; however, with some severe cases, a damaged or sinking foundation is the cause of the problem. You need to go into your attic and inspect the roof in order to discover the cause. Once you have figured it out, you then have to determine what the best course of action will be.

It is best to do roof repair from the top, which means you have to tear out shingles and other roofing materials, in addition sometimes to the roof decking. This is sometimes not possible if it is in winter time, this means you need to do the repairs from beneath the roof within the attic. This is difficult and hazardous, and if possible, try to avoid this. Tearing up shingles and decking can be expensive; however, it is a great deal more safer and efficient.

The specific repairs you need to do could vary, all depending on what kind of damage your roof has incurred. A broken or damaged rafter can be really hard to repair, more so from beneath your roof, returning the two broken pieces to their original position is done with the help of an L-bracket; however, jacks could be needed to lift the pieces until they are parallel. The rafter can be replaced completely, but this is a more significant repair which involves removing large sections of the decking and shingles.

You need to first remove the shingles and the decking, this does mean there is a hole in your roof temporarily. This could be a problem. If it is winter, however, allowing your roof to sag will create greater problems like a cave in. The decking needs to be removed since the shingles need to also be removed and later replaced. Should the decking need to be propped up, new lumber should be added underneath the decking, instead of replacing the older supports completely.

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