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What Is the Main Job of a Roofing Contractor?

A roofing contractor is a professional that replaces or repairs roofs on homes and businesses. Most are usually self-employed; however, some construction firms employ several contractors to do major projects like the installation of roofs on newly built housing projects. These contractors will normally work all year round.

Builders sometimes become roof contractors most because of their extensive knowledge on construction, while others migrate into the field of carpentry. In most regions, before obtaining clients, a roofing contractor has to have a current business license. Most have to go through the certification process; this involves spending time to work with a more skilled and experienced roofer to gain a better understanding of the work.

Homeowners usually hire a roofing contractor to repair damage created by severe storms, water leaks, and other similar events. The contractor starts work by first inspecting the roof, thus determining the extent of the damage which has been done. Contractors will calculate the price of purchasing materials which are necessary to repair the roof and give the homeowner an estimate of the all the charges. Labor costs should be included in this price estimate; and to win contracts, contractors have been known to reduce their bids. Most homeowners get quotes from multiple contractors before deciding which one to choose.

Homeowners whose roofs are in disrepair normally contact a roofer to install a whole new roof. These contractors sometimes specialize in certain types of roofs, including tile or metal ones. They could even bring in sub-contractors to help with the installation on larger buildings.

In some regions, government bodies offer tax rebates or cash incentives to owners that install solar panels. Some roofers specialize in doing this. Many contractors that specialize in solar panels have a background in electricity. Local laws in several places require contractors who install solar panels to be licensed electricians or to hire sub-contractors that are to finish the work.

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